Starting from the bottom and working yourself up to the highest level. Every blogger knows it, no matter how big or small you are. There is always struggle and there is always happiness and relief. Don’t quit, because everything comes slowly and stays for much, much longer. Our main problem for today is.

Okay, so you won’t quit today, AWESOME, The problem we should solve for today is how we get a Reputation, as a Blogger.

So, there are millions of bloggers out there, competing with each other for traffic. When you finally got lots of traffic, you will set your next goal and that goal is for people to subscribe to your One Of A Kind blog. But! It takes so long and you don’t want to put that much time in your blog. You’ll end up quitting if you think like that. My advice to you if you have this particular type of mindset: Get motivation.

So, how to get traffic in the first place?! Well it’s quite simple. You should promote your blog in any way possible. It is not that hard to promote yourself on social media. Of course, you have to get followers on your social media account too, but we’ll leave that for another time. So what you should do is, create accounts on different social media platforms to promote your stuff there. If you work with this strategy, at least 5% of your followers will read your awesome blogpost, that you worked hard for to publish.

People that are active on their blog and social media accounts often get noticed more, because your followers get to see your posts and the things you like. More people will follow with time, because your content will eventually get better and better and your blog will have more and more content to show to your followers. Your social media accounts will also get more and more followers, so you have a bright future ahead of you!

You should be active more often! People like those type of people that are very active and like other peoples content or pictures (depending if you’re on social media or just WordPress). I love those type of people personally. It just feels like if you have a question for that person, you will get answered instantly; and everybody hates waiting, so you will become more loved by that specific follower.

You should never just get followers without building up any kind of relation with them. Every blogger that is successful has a unique kind of relationship with his/her follower. It can never be that you get a lot of people to like you, without your followers talking and bragging about you to their friends, family and all the other people that they have a relationship with.

This type of relationship is like that of your favorite artist/Youtuber. That famous person has built up a lot of followers and a lot of relationships with his/her followers, because of what that person does and who that person is. As simple as that; and every person who tries to get a following has to go trough hard work and hardships, but it s worth it and that is why a lot of people are still doing the thing that they love; Because it’s all worth it!

I hope that you will get where you want to be one day. It is hard and the road is long, but as I said, it is all worth it.

Pursue YOUR DREAM and show them what YOU are capable of!