We all know how it begins.

You start off poorly and you begin on the lowest level, where no one likes it and quits after a couple of days.

The thing is, that it gets better and better everytime you go back blogging. Right now, you can just write a maximum of 400 words and post every week, in two- three months it will be 1000 words per post and you’ll post every 3 days.

If you practice, you will see improvement and you’ll perform better and better. Holding on is the key to become the best in what you’re doing. As time goes, you’ll become better and better in your job. 

Your following will grow either, you attract more and more people, your content gets better and better. Your experience is the thing you’ll be happy about in the near future. We all know it, practice makes perfect and perfection is what we’re looking for. Perfection is the potential we want to see to follow that person instead of the other. Practicing every day will help you improve your statistics and keep you in that awesome position you will be at (or are in already).

So practicing is important, but there are other things that are as important as practicing too and that is your blog itself. Your blog has to show that it’s from high quality and that the reader can trust this blog. A high quality website looks awesome too. Your website design is the answer to get people to stay longer or less. If your design isn’t that good and your content is not what they are looking for, than the reader would rather want to leave the site; but if your design is looking great and your content is not what they are looking for, than the reader would stay on your website to search for the content that they are looking for.

Lastly, to show good content, you should always double check your work. It isn’t that hard, and double checking your work won’t take a lot of time either. You could spot an embarrassing mistake that you’ve made and prevent it from others to see it. If you do this, you’ll show other people that you’ve got the best content that a blogger can have, and you won’t be called dumb in the comments too.

Good luck, improving yourself!!!