This is it!

The beginning of your journey.

Most people wouldn’t even want to start off something new, so congratulations!

It looks so awesome! You’re starting off a blog, it’s a whole new subject in your life and you can create a following from there on. Not only that, but you’re going to meet new people too, and your followers will give you motivation to go on and work hard for your dreams to come true.

Of course, it will be hard at the beginning of your journey, but it doesn’t have to be. If you won’t make excuses and if you won’t procrastinate on your awesome blog, you’ll become loved by a lot of people.

What I personally like on starting a new blog is that I create a following. It seems so amazing to me that other people would like to follow you for your content in your blog. I feel happy inside for everytime that someone follows this awesome blog. 

Starting at the bottom seems frustrating and annoying, but it isn’t. You can learn from anything and everyone. So to start off something would be great, because you can learn a lot from everything, and increase your knowledge by that. Every type of information is good to know and good to have in your life either; except the type of information that is not true or doesn’t help you at all. 

What you should know about starting off a blog is that it’s really hard to find a cool name for your blog. It’s just frustrating if you’re not a creative person. Another thing that really bothers me is thinking of a good blogpost! If you can’t think of a good blogpost than it will be annoying to think of a blogpost all day. My tip for that is too just write! You will be able to write a good story and you won’t have a huge struggle at all. Despite those tiny problems is your blog still amazing; you’ll believe in my words when you’re making a lot of progress in the near future!

The last thing that I want to say is that you can become a huge blogger if you have faith and mosy importantly: patience! Everything will come to you slowly, but it will stay for much, much longer.

Good luck on your blogging journey!