It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining. Spring is coming up and we are working on our amazing blog!

Of course, you got a lot of things to do instead of making a blogpost, but it just feels so good when you publish one and take a look on your masterpiece, on your amazing blog! That’s the reason why we’re not going to give up on that long awaited moment that easily!

Our topic of today is: The types of publishing a blogpost. This topic is so important to me, that I just made a whole new blogpost for it, so let’s get into it.

There are bloggers out there, who don’t post often. They publish a blogpost and do nothing for two weeks straight! The main problem is that most of those type of bloggers don’t have enough content for their blog, and simply stay like that. Of course, it is progress, but you can do better. The most important thing here is that you have to do better, because you can. Invest more time in your blog and your posts and you’ll get a lot out of it, sooner than that you expected! So your progress will rise up much more if you perform better and invest more time in your blog. Every blogger wants a great amount of following after all.

There are those type of bloggers that publish all their blogposts in a row. A lot of your readers won’t read a lot of those blogposts, obviously. So it would be better if you just set the right time to publish one or two posts a day. If you do that, you’ll get more people to vieuw your posts and you’ll defenitely know that they read the whole post!

A lot of bloggers do this too. They publish 100 word posts and try to create a whole story in those words. That’s not the best thing to do! Of course, if you can’t write any further then it can’t be helped. I suggest you should at least put that post in your draft before you publish it, and take a look at it a second or even a third time. When you think that there is nothing more to say about it, than you should make it as detailed as possible. I think it would be an amazing story after you’ve done that!

If you use these strategies in your future blogposts then you’ll improve your writing skills and take your blog to a higher level!