If you don’t live up on what you’re saying and keep on delaying, then you won’t make it!

It’s hard, it really is. To keep on working hard and doing that on a daily basis makes you want to quit and give up, but you don’t! Your dream is bigger than quitting! You wanna be happy and live a successful life, with years full of joy and a purpose in your life!

I think it’s best if you just make a plan for yourself, because the planning is half the work, and to work for your dream, using that plan is the other half! You should stay motivated. Every time when you’re feeling like you don’t want to do it, you should just scream out loud: I CAN DO IT! It may be quite weird to do so, but after you screamed that, you’ll be active immediately! 

Giving up is just not something for successful people, they got more to live for and they aren’t just giving up on that easily. If you have a dream, work for it! If you won’t work for it, you’ll simply end up unhappy with yourself. 

Motivation is the key to work hard and hard work is the key to succes! If you don’t have motivation, you won’t work hard. If you never worked hard for your dreams, you’ll never be where you wanted to be AND be unhappy!

The last thing that I want to say is that, if you go to a successful person and ask him/her the question: How’d you get to this position?! They will answer you with: HARD WORK! Everyone who wants to be special has to go trough it, and when you are where you wanted to be, then you’ll look back at your hard work and be happy that you went trough that pain and suffering, on a daily basis!

Good luck on your journey, I know you’ll somehow make it, if you won’t quit!

Motivation is the key to work hard, and hard work is the key to success!

~ Zakaria